Daminarof one of the leading agriculture product exporters in Ethiopia. The company is exporting agricultural commodities to customers across the globe. We deal in a various agricultural products such as all kinds of Pulses, Oilseeds, Spices and Natural gum.

Daminarof is managed by a good mix of experienced & young professionals who directly purchase agriculture products from selected farmers so we supply good quality products to our business partner.

Experience, tradition and passion have been the driving factors behind our modest business growth over the years have been our experience, tradition and passion for commodities business.

DAMINAROF is an independent company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia looking to supply organic and pure products to the world market when and wherever they’re required. As a supplier, we work hard to offer a total service, from formulating the needs of the customers to delivery. The management of your purchases is further consolidated by our network of local and global contacts at loading and discharge ports. Working closely with our clients, we seek to pinpoint key challenges facing our customers. Many of our services have been refined and developed by learning from and building upon such experiences. Our committed, passionate and devoted team is open to developing new projects and ensuring the very best.