Foreign MatterNil
Broken / Damaged0.36%
Under Size 1.39%
Total Defects 0.36%
LSKB 1.49%
Moisture13% max
Beans Count280 – 320 count / 100 gram
Hand picked , no insect holes
free from holed grains
alive weevils embeded under skin/ sound beans

Meet The Leading Pinto Bean Suppliers In China
If you’re looking for the leading beans and organic pulses supplier in China, then Daminarof is your one-stop solution. The outstanding quality of our pinto beans will not only help you raise the standard of your business, but it’ll also give the cherished experience ever.

We excel in manufacturing various kinds of agricultural products such as; Cereals, Oilseeds, natural gum, Pulses, and Spices. The leading agriculture product exporters in Ethiopia. We have been trading horticultural items to the enormous measure of clients and business partners in different corners of the world.

How Can We Guarantee The Product Quality?
We are definitely sure of all agricultural product’s quality because there;

Free from holed grains
Handpicked, no insect holes
Alive weevils embedded under skin/ sound beans
Also, we own a strong team of professionals who’re expert in looking after seed quality, storage, their consistent progress during irrigation process, and how they’re been cleaned? Our pulses and beans are rich in antioxidants called polyphones that prevent some forms of cancer.

Key Features/Benefits Of Our Pinto Beans
The pinto beans and other organic pulses which we offer are known for their features including;

Reduce heart disease risks
Help lower risk of breast cancer
Help in keeping blood sugar in check
Provides protein in our diets which is helpful in relieving constipation and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Apart from this, our pinto beans also help in reducing the growth of tumors while increasing the survival rate of much-needed healthy cells.